24V 30A LiFePO4 Onboard Battery Charger

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Our industrial battery charger is designed to last in even the most rugged and harsh operating environments.

Built to withstand shock and vibration, with a robust waterproof aluminium body, the charger is durable and built for reliability.

The charger can output up to 30A output, delivering a powerful and fast charging experience.

The unit cools itself with a IP68 rated fan, that turns on automatically as needed to cool the aluminium body.

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This unit is an onboard charger, which means it is a charger that gets built into the vehicle or equipment and can also be incorporated into the dashboard and control systems.

The charger comes with an external charge status indicator on a 1.5m cable that can be installed into the dashboard for easy reference regarding the battery’s charge status.

The charger also comes with an interlock system, which is a safety system or locking system that prevents you from starting the vehicle/equipment as long as it is charging.

The charger is optimally adjusted for our Red Pole Energy range of Lithium batteries, but is also compatible with a wide range of batteries, simply check the charging specifications of the battery you want to charge.

Main Features

– Suitable for installation on vehicles
– Interlock safety system
– External charge status indicator (1.5m cable)
– Wide AC input voltage range (not sensitive to variations)
– Completely automatic battery charging: CC, CV and Floating
– Charger status LED : Red Flash (error), Red (charging), Yellow (almost full), Green (full)
– Charger waterproof rating: IP65 and Fan IP68
– Rugged aluminium body with integrated heatsink
– Input Connector: SA 3 point plug (2m cable)
– Output Connector: Red Anderson (50A)

Technical Specifications

– Input Voltage: 90 – 264 VAC
– Input Frequency: 50 Hz
– Input Current: < 4A
– Input Power Factor(Typ.) : ≥0.98 (Tested when the power is above half power)
– Efficiency: 93%
– No Load Power Consumption: <2W
– 3 Phase Charging: Pre-Charge, Constant Current, Constant Voltage
– Constant Voltage: 27.6 VDC (LiFePO4, 8s, Float Voltage)
– Output Connector: Red Anderson (50A)
– Output Power: 830 W Max
– Output Voltage: 27.6 VDC Max
– Output Current: 30 A Max
– Output Current Ripple: 500mAp-p Max
– Charger Waterproof Rating: IP65
– Fan Waterproof Rating: IP68
– Enclosure Material : Aluminium
– Dimensions: 158mm x 82mm x 289mm (WxHxL)
– Weight: 3.15kg
– Protection: Short Circuit, Over Voltage, Over-Temperature, Reverse Polarity
– Operating Temperature: -20 to 50 ºC
– Operating Humidity: Up to 100%
– MTBF: >100k hours


– Safety standards: EN60335, GB/T4706
– Withstand voltage: I/P-O/P: 2KVAC I/P-FG: 2KVAC O/P-FG: 2KVAC
– Isolation resistance: I/P-O/P, I/P-FG, O/P-FG: 100M ohms / 500VDC / 25ºC / 70%RH
– EMC emission: EN55022 Class A, GB/T 9254 Class A
– EMC immunity: EN 55024:2010, GB/T17618
– Vibration resistant: 10 ~ 500HZ, 2G 10 minutes/cycle, X, Y, Z axis each 60 minutes

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