Electricity Meter / Power Meter / Watt Meter / Kill-A-Watt Meter

Product Description:

Monitor exactly how much electricity an appliances is using.

The meter is very easy to use. Simply plug it in between the wall plug and the appliance to be monitored and it will show how much power the appliance is using. The meter can measure any load between 5W and 3600W.

You can also measure several appliances together if they are connected together on a multi-plug, as long as the total remains below the maximum. If the maximum of 3600W is exceeded then the unit will display a warning.

Use this watt meter to determine what appliances are the ones that are heavy electricity consumers. Critical knowledge in South Africa given the ever increasing cost of electricity.

Basically, the higher the watts a device uses, the more costly it is to run for a long time.

The unit has 7 overall functional modes:

1) Real time power usage of an appliance in Watts
2) Total power used since monitoring started in Watts
3) Real time electrical voltage & frequency
4) Real time electrical current & power factor
5) Minimum power rating since monitoring started in Watts
6) Maximum power rating since monitoring started in Watts
7) Cost of total power used since monitoring started (based on set cost per kWh)

Calculating the cost of running an appliance:

1) Enter your cost per kWh on the unit, and use mode 7 to have the unit do it automatically.

2) Manual calculation :

1000W = 1 kW. 1 kW x (minutes on / 60) = kWh. A unit you buy = 1 kWh.

Thus if a 100W device runs for 5hrs, then it has used 0.1kW x 5 = 0.5 kWh = 0.5 units on your prepaid meter. If a 400W device runs for 5 hrs (300mins) then (400/1000)x(300/60) = 2kWh = 2 units on your prepaid meter.

Technical Specifications:

Operating Voltage: 220-250vAC, 50Hz
Operating Current: Max 16A
Wattage Range : 5-3600W
Current Range : 0.02-16A
Meter Power Consumption : 0.5W
kWh Cost Range 0-99.99c/kWh
Total kWh Range : 0-9999 KWh
Total Cost Range : 0-9999 Cost
Connector : 3-pin South African Plug
Accuracy : +/- 2%e

What's in the box

1 x Watt Meter
1 x User Manual

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