12V 12Ah 153Wh Lithium Battery – Alarm / Gate Upgrade

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The 12V 12Ah 153Wh Lithium Battery is ideal for use as a heavy duty backup battery for gate motors, alarm systems, access control gates, electric fences, and CCTV systems. It is double the capacity of the 12v 7Ah lead acid battery that it is replacing. Featuring an integrated battery management system (BMS), this battery is highly durable and built to last, with a lifespan of 2000 cycles. Additionally, the sealed plastic enclosure is water and dust resistant (IP55), making it perfect for use in any environment. This battery is built to provide reliable power for years to come.

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Key Benefits:

– Increased storage capacity. This battery will open your gate twice as many times, or keep your alarm on for twice as long as an old 12v 7Ah battery.
– Increased life span (10 x longer than lead acid). Loadshedding does not destroy these batteries and you can expect a 5+ year life span from them.
– Direct replacement for 12V 7Ah Lead Acid. This battery is exactly the same size and dimensions as standard gate and alarm batteries. Compatible with existing chargers and machines.

Ideal for use in:

– Gate motors backup battery
– Home and business Alarm system backup battery
– Access Control Gates backup battery
– Electric Fences backup battery
– CCTV backup battery

This long life lithium upgrade is perfect if you are tired of replacing your 12v 7Ah sealed lead acid batteries regularly due to load shedding AND you want increased capacity so your battery can power equipment longer on a single charge.

This battery can directly replace a sealed lead acid 12v 7Ah battery (same size, same charging voltages), but it is also a capacity upgrade (stores 50% more energy), it can handle 12A continuous current, and is an upgrade in terms of how many cycles the battery can do (how many time can be used before needs replacing).

If you have an electronic gate that is very busy, a large alarm system, an electric fence, then this is the battery for you. It stores more energy, and will last through 10 times more loadsheddings than a sealed lead acid battery.

12v 7Ah sealed lead-acid (SLA) batteries are typically installed in small electronics that require backup power, like alarm systems, UPS devices, and gate motors, but they are not ideal for regularly handling high current, and being discharged often or discharged too low. Thus when they are frequently drained (like during load shedding), they are easily damaged, and you will find that you need to replace them quite often.
This lithium iron phosphate battery on the other hand has a high cycle rate (2000 cycles, versus 200 to 400 cycles of an SLA battery), it can handle higher current, and the internal battery management system protects the battery from overcharging or discharging too low.
That simply means this lithium battery replacement should last 10 times longer than the typical SLA battery it is replacing.

Other advantages are that there are no fumes, the self-discharge rate is less than 3.5% per month (SLA will drain itself dead in 12 months), the batteries weight 700g vs the 2kg average weight of a 12v 7Ah SLA battery, and they can be charged and discharged faster (at higher current).

TIP: To calculate how long this battery can last in your application, lookup the load power of the device it will be powering in Watts, then divide 150W with that number. Example, a large 12v alarm system drawing a 2A load, has a 24W load typically, so it can run from this battery for 6hrs 15min (150 / 24 = 6.25).


If the extra capacity is not required, but you are simply tired of replacing your 12v 7Ah SLA battery often, then also see our “12V Alarm / Gate Lithium Battery Upgrade (12v 7Ah SLA Alternative)” product listing.


Only use this battery inside a UPS if the UPS low voltage disconnect can be set to 12v, or if you are sure the UPS will last longer than loadshedding. Otherwise if the UPS is run until it stops working (battery voltage too low and BMS low voltage protection triggered) then the UPS will not turn on when the power comes on. The battery BMS needs a charge to wake up and UPS won’t turn on and charge it without battery being detected.

Product Features:

– Ultra safe lithium iron phosphate (LifePO4) cells
– Integrated battery management system (BMS)
– Light weight and compact
– Water and dust resistant (IP55)
– Highly durable sealed plastic enclosure
– Drop-in lead acid replacement (gate motors, alarm systems, small electronics)
– Sealed and non-liquid (No fumes, no leaking, mount in any position)

Additional information

Weight 1.18 kg
Dimensions 1.3 × 20 × 9.5 cm

Technical Specifications

Technical Specifications

– Lithium Iron Phosphate (LifePO4) Battery Type
– 150 Wh Usable capacity
– 12Ah Nominal capacity @ 0.2C
– 12.8 VDC Nominal Voltage
– Operating Voltage Range: 11.6 VDC to 14.4VDC
– Operating Temp Range: Charge: 0°C to 45°C | Discharge: -20°C to 60°C
– Protection: Over-voltage | Under-voltage | Short circuit | Dust and water resistant
– Lifespan: 2000 cycles @ 0.2C charging, or discharging until 70% capacity
– Dimensions: 152 x 65 x 97 mm (W x D x H)(H=104mm including terminals)
– Terminal: F2
– Weight: 1352g

Charging / Discharging:
– Bulk Charging Voltage: 14.4 VDC
– Float Charging Voltage: 13.8 VDC
– Charge Current: Max 12A
– Discharge Current: Max 12A (Burst 24A for less than 3s)
– Discharge Voltage Cut-out: 10 VDC
– Over-voltage Cut-out: 14.6 VDC
– Discharge Current: 1A for 12hrs | 2A for 6hrs | 12A for 1hr | Max 24A burst
– Self-discharge rate: less than 3.5% per month

What’s in the box
1 x 12v 12Ah 128Wh Lithium Battery


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