51.2V 100Ah 5.12kWh Lithium Battery – Vital 5

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Vital-5 is a Lithium Iron Phosphate (LiFeP04) battery designed for residential energy storage applications and works together with 48v inverters. The unit is designed to be wall mounted or floor standing, compact, with easy access to communication ports and battery connection terminals on the side of the unit.

Designed for backup power, off-grid, time of use, and self-use applications, the Vital-5 Lithium battery will provide you with backup during a power outage, or act as storage for your solar system so you can use the energy stored from the daytime to provide you with power at night.

Vital-5 lithium battery has a built-in BMS (Battery Management System). The BMS keeps the cells balanced to extend cycle life and the BMS protects the battery against over-discharge, over-charge, over-current and high/low temperature; the system can automatically manage the charge state, discharge state and balance state.

Multiple Vital-5 lithium batteries can be connected in parallel to expand capacity and power, with up to 15 Vital-5 lithium battery that can be connected in parallel.

Vital-5 lithium batteries come with a 5 Year Warranty. (Optional extended warranty of 10 years available.)

Vital-5 lithium batteries are compatible with the following inverter models:

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General Inverter Settings

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Technical Specifications:

Usable Capacity : 5.12kWh
Nominal Voltage : 51.2 VDC
Nominal Capacity : 100Ah @ 0.2C
Operating Voltage Range: 45.6v- 56.16 VDC
Absorption Voltage : 55V-56V
Float Voltage : 55V
DC input low shut-down : 48V
DC input low restart : 50V
Weight : 47.2kg
Warranty : 5 Years. (Optional extended warranty of 10 years available)
Charge Voltage : 56.1 VDC
Discharge Voltage Minimum : 45.6 VDC
Continuous Charging Current : Max 100A
Continuous Discharging Current : Max 100A
Display : SOC LED
Cycle Life @ 0.5C : >= 6000 cycles @ 80% DOD, 60% EOL
Dimensions : 520mm x 470mm x 141.5mm

Operating Temp Range : 0°C to 55°C

Protection : Over-voltage | Under-voltage | Short circuit | Dust and water resistant
IP Class : IP65
Ports : CAN / RS485 / RS232
Parallel : Parallel connection up to 15 packs with full communications

Battery Case : Floor Standing or Wall Mounting Metal Chassis

Charge and Discharge Settings

The max current that the inverter can charge and discharge at, is dependent on the
number of batteries used in parallel:
Max A Charge : #batteries x 1 x 100A (Max is 1C)(Recommended continuous <= 0.5C)
Max A Discharge : #batteries x 1 x 100A (Max is 1C)(Recommended continuous <= 0.5C)
100A Max, <= 50A should be average if a single Vital-5 battery is used
The charging voltages for the Red Pole Vital-5 batteries are:
Float Voltage : 55V
Bulk Voltage : 56.1V

What’s included?

1 x 51.2v 100Ah (5.12kWh) Lithium (LiFeP04) Battery
1 x Installation Manual
1 x Wall Mounting Brackets
1 x Set of Battery Cables (1m long each, quick connect terminal and 10mm terminal)
1 x Pair of Quick Connectors (if using in parallel)

Additional information

Weight 47.2 kg
Dimensions 52 × 14.15 × 47 cm