150W Digital Battery Capacity Tester

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Test the Wh or Ah capacity of batteries or individual cells


Input interface / output interface: 100A large current occluding screw column
Voltage measurement range: 0.00V~200V, Resolution accuracy: 0.01V
Current measurement range: 0.00A~20A,Resolution accuracy: 0.01A
Capacity accumulation range: 0~999.999Ah, Resolution accuracy: 0.01Ah
Cumulative power range: 0~9999.9Wh, Resolution accuracy: 0.01Wh
Power measurement range: 0000.00~150/180 W, Resolution accuracy: 0.01W
Impedance measurement range: 1~999.9Ohm, Resolution accuracy: 0.01Ohm
Temperature measurement range: 0~99 degrees Celsius, 0~99 degrees Celsius, Resolution accuracy: 1 degrees Celsius
Maximum time: 999 hours, 59 minutes, 59 seconds, Resolution accuracy: 1 second
Timing measurement reminder settings: countdown, 24 hours arbitrary settings
Small current standby warning threshold parameters and timing: 0.5W began clocking


The DC voltage of the 4~30V range supplies power to the measuring system
Refresh time: >500mS/ times > 500mS/ times
Measuring speed: about 0.5 times per second
Overvoltage and overcurrent setting alarm mode: display alarm interface to remind users
Overpressure warning setting: 1~200V
Low voltage reminder setting: 0~190V
Overflow reminder setting: 0.2~100A
Display type: micro power LCD module, LCM black font, green backlit display
Product size: 156mm*96mm*58mm
Operating temperature: -10~+60 degrees Celsius, -10~+60 degrees Celsius
Working humidity: 10~80 (no doubt) 10~80 (no doubt)
Working pressure: 80~106kPa

Note: Exceeding the specified power will burn the product.

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1 x 150W/180W Digital Battery Capacity Tester Voltmeter


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