Sherlo 3A Lithium Charger and Backup Power Supply (Incl 12V6Ah)

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12v Battery Backup | Charge 6Ah Lithium Batteries Faster

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Product Use

– Charging of small 12v Lithium Batteries
– 5x faster charging than typical panel charger
– Alarm battery backup
– CCTV 12v battery backup
– Backup power supply for a 12v door controller
– Backup power supply for a magnetic lock in an access control solution
– Backup power supply for 12v emergency lights
– Backup power supply for electric fences

Features and benefits

– Microprocessor controlled charging output
– Current limited 2.2A DC
– Low battery switch off at 10V DC
– Over voltage protection > 15V
– Resettable fuse protection on output
– Fuse protection on AC input
– ABS Plastic enclosure
– Battery fits inside enclosure
– Simple and safe to connect

Technical Specifications

– Input Voltage Range: 110-230 VAC 50Hz
– Output Voltage: 13V-14.4V adjustable
– Max Current Output: 3A DC / 35 Watts
– Relay contact rating: 10A
– AC Fail output rating: 140mA Positive switching
– Operating temp: -3°C to 60°C
– Dimensions (LxBxH): 200 x 180 x 87mm
– Gross Weight: 1750g
– Warranty: 12 Months

What’s in the box

1 x Sherlo 3A Lithium Battery Charger and Backup Supply Unit
1 X 12V 6Ah Red Pole Energy Lithium Battery


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