6V 4Ah Lithium Battery | Magneto replacement battery

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Upgrade your Magneto rechargeable light by swapping out the conventional lead acid battery for a high-performance and durable Lithium battery.

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Replace your Magneto rechargeable light’s lead acid battery with a long lasting Lithium.


– Increased life span (10 x longer than lead acid). You can expect a 5+ year life span.
– Light weight at about 40% of the weight of a lead acid battery.
– Direct replacement for 6V 4Ah lead acid batteries. Exactly the same size and dimensions. Compatible with existing chargers and machines.
– Typically used in:
*Magneto LED Lantern
*Ultratec LED Lanterns
*Any emergency light using a 6v 4Ah lead acid battery

Technical Specifications

-Nominal Voltage: 6 VDC
-Nominal Capacity: 4 Ah
-Energy: 25.6Wh
-Cycle Life: > 2000 Cycles
-Self Discharge: ≤3.5% per month at 25°C
-Charging Voltage: 6.9 to 7.2 VDC
-Max Charging Current: 4 A
-Max Discharging Current: 10 A (Pulse 20A, <3S)
-Discharging Cut-off Voltage: 5 VDC
-Water Dust Resistance: IP55
-Terminals: F1
-Dimensions: (47mmx100mmx70mm)


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