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This document contains all warranty conditions of Good Hope Imports (Pty) Ltd’s “GHI” products.
This includes all GHI’s brands. Warranties may vary from product to product. These conditions
are subject to change from time to time and will be communicated accordingly. To ensure that
GHI can honour its warranty, please work through this document as well as the product manual
to ensure proper installation and operation of the equipment.

Where applicable, all installations are to be carried out by qualified personnel. Please work
through the installation manual of all products before attempting to install it or switch it on. This
document is not intended to replace the installation manual in any way and is to be used in
conjunction with the manual at all times.


1. Product Returns
1.1. Return of non-defective products within 30 days
1.2. Return of defective products
2. Standard Warranty
2.1. Standard limited warranty
2.2. Standard warranty period
2.3. Standard warranty conditions
2.4. Standard warranty exclusions
2.5. Standard warranty claim and return procedure
3. Red Pole Vital Battery Range Product Warranty
3.1. Limited battery warranty
3.2. Optional extended warranty period
3.3. Warranty conditions
3.4. Warranty exclusions
3.5. Warranty claim and return procedure
3.6. Deadlines for submitting warranty claims
4. Contact details


1.1. Return of non-defective products within 30 days

You can return your purchase within 30 days of purchase.
To return an unwanted non-defective product, it must be:

1.1.1. Returned within 30 days of the product(s) being purchased, and
1.1.2. In a saleable condition: Undamaged and unused, including all original
contents, and
1.1.3. In the original packaging, which must be undamaged and in its original
Cost of return: You will have to carry the cost of returning the product to us.
Once we have received your returned product and it has been cleared by GHI your account will
be credited.
We reserve the right to refuse a return if products have been used, are returned damaged,
incomplete or not in a saleable condition.
1.2 Return of defective products
Refer to Sections 2.5 and 3.5 of this document.


2.1. Standard limited warranty

2.1.1. We warrant for a specific period* from purchase date and only to the
original retail buyer (Buyer) that our products (Products) are free from
defects in material and workmanship.
2.1.2. The Product will be repaired or replaced at our discretion. If we cannot
repair or replace the unit, we will credit or refund you.
2.1.3. That is the extent of our liability under this Warranty and, upon expiration
of the applicable warranty period, all such liability shall terminate.

2.2. *Standard warranty period

2.2.1. Warranty start date: If product is bought directly from GHI, warranty period starts on
date of purchase. If product is bought from a reseller, warranty period starts on the
day that customer purchases the product from the reseller, but
limited to three months after reseller bought the product from GHI.

2.2.2. Refer to specific product for warranty period. If no period is mentioned,
then product is warranted for a 12 month period.
2.2.3. For all devices, any repaired or replaced product does not get a new
warranty period after the repaired/replaced product has shipped. In other
words, the repaired/replaced product goes back under the original
warranty period. The purchaser is responsible for ensuring that the
product purchased is suitable for and compatible with any other
equipment to be utilised in conjunction with the product sold.

2.3. Standard warranty conditions

2.3.1. Proof of purchase
2.3.2. None of the exclusions listed result in the warranty claim being void.

2.4. Standard warranty exclusions

2.4.1. We do not warrant products against normal wear and tear, unauthorized
modifications or alterations, improper use, improper maintenance,
accident, misuse, negligence (eg pulling your light or battery on its cable),
damage (dropping your Product), or if the Product is used for a purpose
for which it was not designed.
2.4.2. Except for expressly stated in this Warranty, we shall not be liable for direct,
indirect, incidental, or other types of damages arising out of, or resulting
from the use of Product.
2.4.3. This Warranty is in lieu of all other warranties, express or implied, including,
but not limited to, implied warranties of merchantability or fitness for a
particular purpose.

2.5. Standard warranty claim and return procedure

We have found that user error is often the cause of a product not functioning correctly, and a
quick phone call is all that is needed to find a solution.
If you have a defective product, and it is covered by the Standard product warranty, you can:
2.5.1. Return the product to the place of purchase, or
2.5.2. Call our support team on 021 023 3325 and describe the problem to them,
2.5.3. Send an email to support@repoleenergy.co.za with a full description
(pictures if available) of your problem.
If we have confirmed that the product appears to be faulty and covered by the Product
2.5.4. Return the entire contents of the product to us, with the proof of purchase.
2.5.5. Cost: You are responsible for the cost of returning the product to us.
2.5.6. GHI will evaluate the product upon receipt.
2.5.7. If the product is found to be faulty, We will repair or replace the product and send you the unit at our
expense, or If we do no longer stock the product, we may offer you an
alternative, credit or refund you, at our discretion.
2.5.8. If it is found to be in good working order, we will return your product to
you, at your expense.


This warranty relates to and covers the Red Pole Energy 51.2v 5.12kWh wall mount lithium
battery, also referred to as the Vital 5 (the “Battery”). The Battery is designed for and intended to
be used as an energy storage system have a 10 year life span. The Battery is rated to deliver at
maximum 100Ah of power when new.

3.1. Limited battery warranty

3.1.1. We warrant for 5 years* from purchase date and only to the original retail
buyer (Buyer) that our products (Products) are free from defects in
material and workmanship.
3.1.2. The Product will be repaired or replaced at our discretion. If we cannot
repair or replace the unit, we will credit or refund you.
3.1.3. That is the extent of our liability under this Warranty and, upon expiration
of the applicable warranty period, all such liability shall terminate.

3.2. Optional extended warranty period

GHI offers an optional extended warranty period of an additional 5 years, for a total warranty
period of 10 years. To qualify for this extended warranty, you need to do the following after
installation, within 30 days of purchase:
3.2.1. Register your product on www.redpoleenergy.co.za.
3.2.2. Pay an additional fee.

3.3. Warranty conditions

3.3.1. The customer’s invoice must reflect the serial number of the Battery. The
original invoice (digital or printed) must be provided to GHI in order to
commence a warranty claim; and
3.3.2. The Battery bears the original Red Pole Energy serial number; and
3.3.3. The Battery is installed, operated and maintained in accordance with the
Installation and User Manual; and
3.3.4. The Battery is being used for floating or daily cycle basis and only for an
energy storage system, and the annual cycles shall not be more than 600
times per year; and
3.3.5. The Battery is fully integrated and contained and is thus non serviceable
and not intended to be opened by anyone except authorised personnel.
Thus the warranty / security seal needs to be in place on the Battery; and
3.3.6. None of the exclusions listed result in the warranty claim being void.

3.4. Warranty Exclusions

To the extent permitted by South African law, GHI excludes all liability for the Battery, to the
extent that any damage or defect has been caused by, or contributed to, by the following:
3.4.1. Inverter or Charge failure;
3.4.2. The Battery being installed outdoors or in an environment outside of the
operating temperature range listed for the Battery;
3.4.3. Damage due to neglect, improper use, abuse, accidents or force majeure
events, including but not limited to lightning, flood, fire, extreme cold
weather, extreme hot weather, or any events outside of the reasonable
control of GHI;
3.4.4. Damage due to a short circuit of the battery terminals;
3.4.5. Damage due to improper installation, operation, or maintenance of the
3.4.6. Repairs performed to the Battery by an unauthorised person;
3.4.7. Damage from handling or transportation, including but not limited by
dropping, trampling, deforming, impacting, or spearing with a sharp item;
3.4.8. Any attempt to modify the Battery whether by physical means,
programming, or others;
3.4.9. Damage due to water, conductive dust, or any corrosive matter;
3.4.10. The Battery has been connected together with different type battery
3.4.11. The Battery has been connected together with other batteries not part of
the Vital range from Red Pole Energy;
3.4.12. Theft or vandalism of the Battery or any of its components;
3.4.13. Failure to operate or maintain the Battery in accordance with the
Installation or User Manuals;
3.4.14. Normal wear and tear or deterioration of performance that equates to the
battery still having more than 60% of its original capacity;
3.4.15. Incorrect sizing of the inverter, charger, or solar system;
3.4.16. Overloading the Battery through large current draws, or charging at
current levels outside the intended or indicated specification parameters;
3.4.17. From the failure of any other parts, or as a result of the interconnection of
the Battery with products of another manufacturer; or as a result of any
other defective or malfunctioning parts in the system into which the
Battery has been installed.

3.5. Warranty claim and returns procedure

In the event of a possible warranty claim, the end-user must stop using the Battery or the
system in which the Battery is installed as the case may be by isolating the Battery from any
energy source, and make a claim as soon as possible.
The following procedure is to be followed:
3.5.1. Notify GHI of the intent to lodge a warranty claim by sending an email to:
3.5.2. Arrange to send the Battery to one of our service centres.
3.5.3. The service centre will evaluate the Battery and validate if a claim is
3.5.4. The service centre might request additional information, like site and
install location or a site visit etc. from the client.
3.5.5. If a claim has been validated, repairs and servicing of the Battery will be
3.5.6. Any replaced parts will become the property of GHI.
3.5.7. It is for the client to arrange delivery and collection of the Battery.
When contacting us by email, please have the following information to hand:
3.5.8. Your name, address and a telephone number where you can be contacted
3.5.9. The Battery model
3.5.10. The Battery serial number
3.5.11. Proof of purchase
3.5.12. Installation date and installation address
3.5.13. Signed commissioning report or protocol
3.5.14. Contact details of the installer
3.5.15. A complete and detailed list of observed faults and other information
which could help with the analysis of the fault (e.g. any modifications)
3.5.16. Photos of the installation site, showing how the Battery was connected to
the rest of the system. Sufficient detail should be shown (fuse sizes,
location, cable runs, etc)

3.6. Deadlines for submitting warranty claims:

We aim to rectify genuine quality problems as a priority. This is generally achieved by
investigating why defective products have failed and by introducing immediate corrective
action measures to prevent re-occurring of the warranty failures. It is therefore critical that all
claims under this Warranty are promptly submitted to us as soon as the Product fails, and in any
event, within thirty days of knowledge of the matter of event giving rise to the claim. No
consideration will be given to claims under this Warranty which are made after this period.

4. Contact Details:

Address : Unit 8A, The Woodmill, Vredenburg Road, Stellenbosch, 7600, South Africa
Email : support@redpoleenergy.co.za
Phone : +27 021 023 3325
Good Hope Imports (Pty) Ltd – WARRANTY AND RETURNS POLICY – 1 August 2023